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Taping Specification For Axial Lead Type

Figure 1 : Taping Specification

Notes : This specification conforms with EIA standard RS-296-D.

  • Taping

    1.1.Case diameters 5mm to 10mm can be supplied taped & reeled.
    1.2. Unless otherwise specified, the cathode tape shall be colored and the anode tape shall be white.
    1.3. A minimum 300mm leader tape shall be provided before the first and after the last capacitor on the reel.
    1.4. Dimensions are shown in Fig. 1.
  • Packaging

    2.1. Taped capacitors shall be wound on a reel shown in Fig. 2-1.
    2.2. Kraft paper shall-be wound between layers of capacitors for capacitor protection.
    2.3. After winding the taped capacitors on the reel, a single sided corrugated cardboard strip shall be wound over the capacitors. ( on wrap )

Figure 1 : Packaging


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